India during the Colonial Era

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 9 Jan 2013 Article/Essay
A Bengali scaled the Everest first
By Sanjay Suri
Outlook - 2003

An Indian exhibition recounts the glorious past of British mapmaking in the subcontinent. But no one's talking about the Indian contribution.

How round is the earth? Until the 19th century, that was a serious quest... Read More
 8 Jan 2013 Article/Essay
History: The Great Trigonometrical Survey

Tim Middleton explores how India was mapped and the world’s tallest mountain named.

It was July 1819 and the monsoon was due. Lieutenant George Everest was in the middle of the Indian jungle between the Godavari and Kristna rivers with a team of 150... Read More
 8 Jan 2013 Rare Photographs
Everests three-foot theodolite made for the Survey of India, 1825-1830.

UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 03: Elevation drawn in 1847-1874 of the theodolite made by Barrow at Troughton & Simms in 1825-1830. Like the Cary theodolite, this was extremely heavy. It was designed to the specification of Colo... Read More
 8 Jan 2013 Rare Photographs
The three foot theodolite made by Cary for the Great Survey of India, 1802.

UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 17: The 3 foot theodolite made by Cary ,and revised by Barrow, photographed on the gallery during the exhibition 'Science in India' at the Science Museum, London in 1982. Weighing over 1000 pound... Read More
 8 Jan 2013 Article/Essay
By R.Ramachandran
The Hindu - 2002

One of the most stupendous tasks in the history of science, started 200 years ago by William Lambton and completed four decades later by George Everest, resulted in the Great Indian Arc of the Meridian. It also established that the Him... Read More
 8 Jan 2013 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
Account of the operations of The Great Trigonometrical Survey of India
By Colonel Sidney G.Burrard
Printed at The Trigonometrical Survey of India, Dehra Dun - 1906

Read Book Online:

Download pdf Book:

Index chart to the Gre... Read More
 8 Jan 2013 Article/Essay
By F. C. Danvers

THE surveys of India may be divided into two classes - viz. the Great Trigonometrical, and the Geological. In connection with the former, other minor operations are undertaken under the title of topographical and revenue surveys, to which we shall ... Read More
 6 Jan 2013 Rare BOOKS
Dickinsons' comprehensive pictures of the Great Exhibition of 1851
By Joseph Nash and others
Published by Dickinson Brothers, London - 1852

"...The present of the Rajah of Travancore to the Queen, consisting of a splendid ivory chair of state, with a foot-stool, beautifully carved and o... Read More
 6 Jan 2013 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
Dickinsons' comprehensive pictures of the Great Exhibition of 1851
By Joseph Nash and others
Published by Dickinson Brothers, London - 1852

If you took an omnibus along London's Knightsbridge in the summer of 1851, you would see an astonishing sight. Glittering among the tree... Read More
 6 Jan 2013 New Books
New Book:
Art and Nationalism in Colonial India, 1850-1922: Occidental Orientations
By Partha Mitter
Published by Cambridge University Press, 1994

An original study of the history of modern Indian art, this book tells the story of Indian art during the Raj, set against the interplay of colo... Read More
 5 Jan 2013 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
A Brief Sketch of Travancore, the Model State of India: The Country, Its People and Its Progress under the Maharajah
By S.Ramanath Aiyer
Published by Western Star Press, Trevandrum - 1903

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Download pdf Book:

Image... Read More
 3 Jan 2013 Rare Photographs
Carte De Visite, Illustrations of Anglo Indian Life, Principal Table Servant, India, 19th century.

"Khansamah or The Principal Table Servant"
"The main servant who superintends all the table arrangements, takes orders for dinner and purchases the requisites for daily consumption. The photogra... Read More
 13 Nov 2012 Article/Essay
Harriet Christina Earle (1828 - 1907)

Harriet was the fourth daughter of Lieutenant Colonel John Lucas Earle (the eldest son of Captain Solomon Earle) and Mary Jane Lempriere (sister of Thomas Lempriere who subsequently became Assistant Commissary General of Tasmania). She was born in Secrora, O... Read More
 29 Jun 2012 Rare Paintings
Lord Moira's European servants seated on an elephant - 1814

Watercolour of European servants on an elephant from 'Views by Seeta Ram from Mohumdy to Gheen Vol. V' produced for Lord Moira, afterwards the Marquess of Hastings, by Sita Ram between 1814-15. Marquess of Hastings, the Governor-Gener... Read More
 1 Jul 2011 Article/Essay
Review Essay
Plain Tales From British India
Two new books exemplify the polarised debate: one claims the British Empire was comparable to slavery and fascism; while for the other, the Victorian administrators of the Indian Civil Service, far from being oppressive exploiters, in fact "represented ... Read More
 10 Feb 2010
Tippoo's Tiger.
'Better to live a day as a tiger than a lifetime as a sheep' - Tipu Sultan
The Tiger comes to London
'Tippoo's Tiger' is an awesome, life-size beast of carved and painted wood, seen in the act of devouring a prostrate European in the costume of the 1790s. It has cast a spell ov... Read More
 10 Feb 2010
• Cricket was first played in India in 1721 by the officers and men of an English ship. The game became popular in all the Company’s Presidencies and the Calcutta Cricket Club was founded in 1792.
• Some women travelled out on the East Indiamen to find a husband. But... Read More
 30 Jan 2010 Article/Essay
William Dalrymple writes " I first heard about the great early Victorian travel writer FANNY PARKES when I was given a first edition of her book, WANDERINGS OF A PILGRIM IN SEARCH OF THE PICTURESQUE, by an old lady who in many ways resembled Parkes, and whose life had been greatly influenced by h... Read More
 29 Jan 2010 Rare BOOKS
Online digital edition :
By The Late Lady Brassey
Published by Longmans,Green & Co. - 1889 Read More