Posted on: 6 January 2013

Dickinsons' comprehensive pictures of the Great Exhibition of 1851
By Joseph Nash and others
Published by Dickinson Brothers, London - 1852

"...The present of the Rajah of Travancore to the Queen, consisting of a splendid ivory chair of state, with a foot-stool, beautifully carved and ornamented with jewels, was greatly admired. It was used by His Royal Highness Prince Albert, at the ceremony which took place immediately before the closing of the Exliibition, when Lord Canning, the President of the Council of Chairmen of the Juries, presented to him, as the Head of the Royal Commission, the several Reports drawn up upon the subjects which had been submitted to the thirty-four Juries, composed of the most eminent men of all nations, together with the names of the Exhibitors whom they had judged entitled to rewards."

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