Posted on: 6 January 2013

New Book:
Art and Nationalism in Colonial India, 1850-1922: Occidental Orientations
By Partha Mitter
Published by Cambridge University Press, 1994

An original study of the history of modern Indian art, this book tells the story of Indian art during the Raj, set against the interplay of colonialism and nationalism. The work addresses the tensions and contradictions that attended the advent of European naturalism in India, as part of the imperial design for the westernization of the elite, and traces the artistic evolution from unquestioning westernization to the construction of Hindu national identity. Through a wide range of literary and pictorial sources, Partha Mitter's work balances the study of colonial cultural institutions with the ideologies of the nationalist and intellectual movements that followed.

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I'm downloading the book. Let's c how it is.... have u read it

Thanks..really fascinating samir...

Something is confusing here. The content of the book states that the Frontispiece is a painting of "Bharat Mata" by Abanindranath Tagore, 1905. However, Tagore's representation of Bharat Mata ( is very different from the multiple people shown in this cover. Am i missing something or can someone provide a clarification?

this is a ravi varma painting captioned victory of indrajit