Posted on: 29 January 2010

Online digital edition :
By The Late Lady Brassey
Published by Longmans,Green & Co. - 1889

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Thanks to Frank Gardner for this marvelous find. Read online :

All about Lady Brassey :

Thanks...will try and come up with some more gems. All you wonderful people tuned into the Rare Book Society...I have something rather unusual to share with all of you. During the course of my research of 18th and 19th century India through the eyes and the soul of these amazing men and women who criss crossed through the untamed hinterland of this incredible country, I discovered something rather unusual and unique (Subbiah you will agree with me) which is that compared to many a male travel writer of that era, their women counterparts wrote with compassionate lucidity and warmth. The extraordinary respect for this land..their perception of the people and the intricacies of our culture that was easily understood by them, is more than evident in their immortal works.

I agree with you entirely Frank. I will repost "The Wanderings of a Pilgrim..." by Fanny Parkes again for the benefit of members who are not aware of this fascinating lady.

Wonderful news Subbaih...Fanny is a must read for all those genuinely interested in travelling into that magical, mystical - melting pot period of 19th century Hindoostan

Download book :

A fascinating but tragic travelogue in which the narrator dies towards the end and is 'committed to the deep'. Her husband takes up the pen fallen from her hand and comletes the story of the voyage. Thank you for posting a really rare book...