India during the Colonial Era

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 10 Mar 2013 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
The Diaries of three surgeons of Patna, 1763
By Walter Kelly Firminger
Published by The Calcutta Historical Society - 1909

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An East India Company official is shown seated, leaning against... Read More
 10 Mar 2013 Rare Paintings
A male member of William Fullerton's household seated on a European chair smoking a 'huqqa' and holding a sword and a 'lota'

Murshidabad, India

ca. 1760 - ca. 1764 (painted)

Gouache on paper

A man wearing a red 'lungi' or 'dhoti' is smoking a nargila, a sword under his arm and holds ... Read More
 10 Mar 2013 Rare Paintings
A lady of William Fullarton's household seated on European chair, smoking a 'huqqa'

Murshidabad, India

ca. 1760 - ca. 1764

Opaque watercolour on paper

Style of Dip Chand, Murshidabad/ c.1760-3

These are two of a series of studies of members of his household and other native char... Read More
 4 Mar 2013 Rare Paintings
Rissaldar Mohubut Khan, bahadur, 2nd Scinde Irregular Horse, 1852.

Oil on canvas by Sandor Alexander Svoboda (1826-1896), 1852.

Mohubut (sometimes Mohbut) Khan was promoted to rissaldar of the 1st Regiment Sind Irregular Horse on 17 January 1846 and later awarded the Order of British India ... Read More
 4 Mar 2013 New Books
New Book Release :
By Frank Gardner
Published in June 2010

Book Synopsis :

Innumerable sketches of the lives of hordes of European Military Adventurers that began arriving into Hindoostan from the late 1700’s are replete with tales of the... Read More
 4 Mar 2013 Rare Paintings
Bengal Irregular Cavalry

At first these units were called Local Horse and were raised by Europeans from volunteers who owned their own horse and equipment and were prepared to provide for themselves in the field. This was called the sillidar system. Sometimes a local leader ... Read More
 4 Mar 2013 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
Military Memoirs of Mr. GEORGE THOMAS - Who, by extraordinary talents and enterprize, rose from an obscure situation to the rank of a General in the service of Native Powers in North-West of India
By William Francklin
Published by John Stockdale, London - 1805

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 3 Mar 2013 Article/Essay
1st Bengal Lancers - Skinner's Horse

Colonel Skinner

The son of Hercules Skinner, a Scotsman, and an Indian Rajputni. This couple had three sons and three daughters, James being the eldest. Hercules was determined to have his daughters educated even though he knew that his wife was immut... Read More
 3 Mar 2013
Tiger-claw horse's neck band, 1830 (c).

This beautiful neck band was worn by the horse of Colonel James Skinner. Skinner was born in 1778 in Calcutta, India. His father was a Scottish officer in the Bengal Army of the East India Company. His mother was a Rajput lady. In 1803, Skinner raised a ... Read More
 3 Mar 2013 Rare Paintings
'Method of attack with the musket when meeting the enemy head on', 1824 (c).

Rules for the Manoeuvres of the Hindustani Musket Cavalry. Watercolour on Oriental paper, by a Company artist, Delhi, 1824 (c).

Lieutenant-Colonel James Skinner's personal manual of cavalry manoeuvres was produced ... Read More
 3 Mar 2013 Rare Paintings
Skinner's Horse at Exercise, 1840 (c).

Oil on canvas by John Reynolds Gwatkin (1807-1877), 1840 (c).

Men of the 1st Bengal Irregular Cavalry (Skinner's Horse) or 4th Bengal Irregular Cavalry (Baddley's Horse) display mounted combat skills, including tent-pegging.

Skinner's Horse was the ... Read More
 3 Mar 2013 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
Military Memoir of Lieut-Col. James Skinner, C. B.: For many years a distinguished officer commanding a corps of irregular cavalry in the service of H.E.I.C.
By James Baillie Fraser
Published by Smith, Elder & Co., London - 1851
In Two Volumes

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ht... Read More
 3 Mar 2013 Rare Paintings
The regiment formed in line, 1824 (c).

Gouache watercolour, provisionally attributed to the Company artist Naziradeem, inscribed in Persian 'nastaliq' script, 1824 (c).

One of three illustrations taken from 'The Book of rules for the Manoeuvres of the Hindustani Musket Cavalry formed by Col... Read More
 2 Mar 2013 Rare Photographs
The Church, Delhi - 1860s
Delhi, India

Samuel Bourne, born 1834 - died 1912 (photographer)

Albumen print from wet collodion glass negative

This photograph shows St James's Church. It was built in 1836 by James Skinner, one of the British community, and was the first church in Delhi. Th... Read More
 2 Mar 2013 Rare Paintings
Colonel James Skinner CB, 1st Regiment of Local Horse, 1836 (c).

Oil on canvas by an unknown artist, a copy of the portrait by William Melville, 1836 (c) (in the vestry of St James's Church, Delhi).

The Anglo-Indian soldier James Skinner (1778-1841) was the son of a Scottish officer in the ... Read More
 2 Mar 2013 Rare Paintings
Skinner's Tomb, St. Jame's Church, Delhi (left) Styles and titles in Persian of Metcalfe as Agent of the G.G. (right) - 1843

[From 'Reminiscences of Imperial Delhi’, an album consisting of 89 folios containing approximately 130 paintings of views of the Mughal and pre-Mughal monuments of Delhi... Read More
 2 Mar 2013 Rare Photographs
St.James's Church, Delhi - Showing damage caused by the Mutiny fighting - 1858

Photograph of St. James's Church in Delhi from 'Murray Collection: Views in Delhi, Cawnpore, Allahabad and Benares' taken by Dr. John Murray in 1858 after the Uprising of 1857. St James Church was commissioned by Co... Read More
 27 Feb 2013 Rare Paintings
Major William Palmer with His Second Wife, the Mughal Princess Bibi Faiz Bakhsh
By Johann Zoffany

Date painted: 1785
Oil on canvas, 101.5 x 127 cm

Her sister on his left. Three of his children and three women attendants complete the group.

The painting has also been attributed to Francesco Ren... Read More
 21 Feb 2013 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
The Theory and Practice of Caste - Being an inquiry into the effects of caste on the institutions and probable destinies of the Anglo-Indian empire
By Benjamin Atkinson Irving
Published by Smith, Elder & Co., London - 1853

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 19 Feb 2013 New Books
New Book:
Empire and Information: Intelligence Gathering and Social Communication in India, 1780-1870
By Christopher Alan Bayly
Published by Cambridge University Press - 2000

In a penetrating account of the evolution of British intelligence gathering in India, C. A. Bayly shows how networks of ... Read More
 18 Feb 2013 Article/Essay
"Yesterday's Pomp, Today's Circumstance"?
By Shashi Kolar

The thorny question of the legacy of the British Empire upon the social, political and economic climate of India always excites polarized debates. Many urban Indians, bred with Western mores that emphasize the superiority of reason... Read More