The Indian Independence Movement

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 15 Aug 2016 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
Bankim - Tilak - Dayananda
By Sri Aurobindo
Published by Sri Aurobindo Press, Pondicherry - 1940

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Bankim Chandra Chatterjee with his journal Vangadarshan Read More
 16 Apr 2015 Rare Paintings
Untitled (Bull Handler - Haripura Poster)
By Nandalal Bose (1882-1966)
Tempera on paper

Haripura posters celebrate the Indian rural life and culture sharing a vibrant earthy color palette and bold, energetic lines with a vividly modernist graphic quality. A sweeping look at the available images ... Read More
 15 Apr 2015 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
The Presidential Address of the 51st Session of the Indian National Congress - Delivered by: Sjt. SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE
at Vithalnagar, Haripura - 1938
Published in Bangalore - 1938

The Indian National Congress met at Haripura during February 19 to 22, 1938, under the presidenc... Read More
 14 Apr 2015 Article/Essay
Mystery industry
By Satarupa Bhattacharya
India Today - December 5, 2005

Sixty years later, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose disappearance still remains a mystery.

Post-Independence India's biggest intrigue-the disappearance of Subhas Chandra Bose-is as opaque today as it was 60 years ag... Read More
 14 Apr 2015 Rare BOOKS
Rare Document:
REPORT of The Justice MUKHERJEE COMMISSION of Inquiry on the alleged disappearance of NETAJI Subhas Chandra Bose.

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Volume 1:

Volume 2A:

Volume 2B:

The Justice Mukherjee Commission of Inq... Read More
 14 Apr 2015 New Books
New Book:
His Majesty's Opponent - Subhas Chandra Bose and India's Struggle against Empire
By Sugata Bose
Published by Penguin India - 2011

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Book Review
By Rudrangshu Mukerjee
The Telegraph - July 29 , 2011

For any professional historian, the project to w... Read More
 14 Apr 2015 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
AZAD HIND Newsletter
Monthly for a Free India
Editor: Pandit K.A.Bhatta
Published by Kurt Vowinckel Verlag, Berlin - 1942
In German and English

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Year 1942:

Year 1943:

Year 1944:

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 13 Apr 2015 Article/Essay
The Lost Legacy of Subhas Chandra Bose
By C.Tiwari
January 23rd, 2014

This article is a brilliant effort examining the life and times of an extraordinary political leader, Subhas Chandra Bose. But more importantly it also tries to throw light on the question of communal harmony within m... Read More
 28 May 2014 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
The Indian War of Independence of 1857
By An Indian Nationalist (VEER SAVARKAR)
Printed in Netherlands - 1909

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar(28 May 1883 – 26 February 1966)

The Indian War of Independence is an Indian nationalist history of the 1857 revolt by Vinayak Damodar Savarka... Read More
 26 Jan 2014 Article/Essay
The man who drafted the Indian Constitution -
Benegal Narsinga Rau (1887 – 1953).

B.N.Rau prepared the draft Constitution consisting of 243 articles and the Drafting Committee worked over it to expand it to 315 Articles. After the 2473 amendments, the final form of the constitution ... Read More
 26 Jan 2014 Article/Essay
The Constitution-framers India forgot
By Girish Rishi

Granville Austin in 'The Indian Constitution: Cornerstone of a Nation' identified 21 most important figures in the assembly (from hereon, referred to as the 'framers'). Of these, we are familiar with seven -- Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar, Ach... Read More
 23 Jan 2014 Article/Essay
A guide to state secrecy surrounding Subhas Chandra Bose
By Anuj Dhar
8th May, 2013

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose secured our freedom but in the last 6 decades our Government seems to have confined him to hidden vaults, where thousands of secret records about him have piled up.

It... Read More
 23 Jan 2014 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
An Indian Pilgrim: Autobiography of Subhas Chandra Bose
Published by Netaji Publication Society - 1948

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 4 Dec 2013 Article/Essay
For whom was Jana Gana Mana composed?

Jana Gana Mana - an explanation by Mr P L Deshpande

In the issue of 3 May 1980 of Maharashtra Times of Mumbai I read a letter by Mr Bal Jere. He states that Ravindranath Tagore definitely composed the famous song Jana Gana Mana to welcome King George V.... Read More
 2 Dec 2013 Article/Essay
Understanding Jana Gana Mana
By Shumon Sengupta

18 July, 2006

A friend of mine recently forwarded me an email chain that aims at mobilizing support to substitute Jana Gana Mana with Vande Mataram as India’s National Anthem.

And as far as the contrived Jana Gana... Read More
 9 Nov 2013 Rare Manuscripts
Mahatma Gandhi's Last Will - September 23rd 1926

India – M K Gandhi – father of the Indian nation highly important document dated ‘Asho sudi 4 Vikram Samvat 1982’ (September 23rd 1926 on the Gregorian calendar) being the will of M K Gandhi written at the Satyagrah Ashram Sabarmati Bhadarva in hi... Read More
 9 Nov 2013 Rare BOOKS
Digital Rare Book:
The Wheel of Fortune
By Mahatma Gandhi
Appreciation by Dwijendranath Tagore
Published by Ganesh & Co., Madras - 1922

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 9 Nov 2013
In 1946, Mohandas Gandhi sits next to a spinning wheel (Charkha), a device used to make yarn or thread; the now-famous image came to symbolize the notion of Indian self-sufficiency — and thus independence from British rule.

Photographed by Margaret BourkeWhite Collarn a unique, celebrated care... Read More
 2 Oct 2013 Video
The Making of the Mahatma
Directed by Shyam Benegal
Written by Fatima Meer
Released in 1996

The Making of the Mahatma (1996) is joint Indian - South African produced film, directed by Shyam Benegal, about the early life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi during his 21 years in South Africa. Th... Read More
 28 Sep 2013 Rare Manuscripts
This notice was pasted after the killing of J. P. Saunders, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Lahore, on December 17 in broad daylight, in front of the SSP’s office in the city. Saunders had ordered his men to hit Lala Lajpat Rai with lathis on October 30, 1928, when the latter was leading a large... Read More
 28 Sep 2013 Article/Essay
'Bhagat Singh used to literally devour books; set a record of sorts'
By M M Juneja
Times of India

"His love for books endured till the very end. Pran Mehta, Bhagat Singh's lawyer was allowed to meet him on March 23, 1931, just a few hours before the hanging. Bhagat Singh was then p... Read More