Posted on: 3 June 2019

Digital Rare Book:
Dara Shikuh - Life and Works
By Bikrama Jit Hasrat
Published by Visvabharathi, Calcutta - 1955

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Prince visiting a shaykh / Calligraphy and signature; single-page painting on a detached album folio. Side A (recto): Meeting between a shaykh and a figure identified as the Mughal ruler Shah Jahan or his son, Dara Shikoh, against an agricultural background. The dervish, identified by his yogapatta (strap) and holding a rosary in one hand, is depicted in the action of offering a flower, thus his blessings, to the prince. Offerings from Sufis could symbolise the dominion over a region and imbue a ruler’s authority with a sacred dimension.
Made by: Mir `Alí Katib biography
Mughal Style
1650 (circa)

Image and text credit:
© Trustees of the British Museum

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very interesting to see a yogapatta on a sufi saint....

Great man

Download and read Vijay Vikram Singh.

The miniature tells a story