Posted on: 9 June 2017

Krishṇa lifting up Mount Govardhan.
The cowherd god is depicted effortlessly lifting up the mountain to shelter his followers from the storm of the god Indra, seen in the upper right of the painting on his elephant mount, Airavata.

Gouache painting on paper.
Painted by Ustad Sahibdin
Bikaner Style
Rajasthan School
1690 (circa)

Text and image credit:
© Trustees of the British Museum

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After This incident Krishna Told To Indiran That People Will Worship You(Indiran) As NAture God And Still This Festivel Is Celebrated In South India As POngal But Entire India Not Aware Of It

If Christna is a "cowherd god", then Christ must be a "goatherd god" ?


Did You Know As These


Love a good storm ⚡️☁️