Posted on: 11 April 2017

Digital Rare Book:
Sundara Kandam or The flight of Hanuman to Lanka via Sunda Islands
By C.N.Mehta
Printed at The Universal Press, Nadiad - 1941

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According to Author of the book Sundara Kandan (Diwan Bahadur C N Mehta) - Ravana's Lanka was in East coast of Australia. And he reconstructs journey of search of Sita by Hanuman. Key takeaways are 1. Mahendragiri is near Vizag - between Godavari and Mahanadi. This is where Sampati meets Angada etc 2. They were sent here after searching for Sita in entire south and where they failed to find her. 3. Hanuman flew 20 to 25 degrees East of South opposite in direction of Abhijit constellation 4. He flew for 1000 yojanas Rest of the story also fits in this with enough consistency once you assume above to be true. However, Australia East Coast is farther than 20-25 degree East of South from Vizag. Australia west coast suits that direction better. but what clinches for it is following - Valmiki says - astonishingly, vegetation here in Lanka is same as in India. This mention could be because it was not expected to be so. It was so far off from home, and still like it. It could be puzzle before advent of Pangaea. But if we go by Pangaea and Continental Drift, Lanka could be on west coast of Australia. This also goes well with assertion than Hanuman flew in 20 to 25 degree east of south direction (opposite in direction of Abhijit constellation)

Mark Bahnisch - new edition of your book may need a Rāmāyaņa chapter in the light of these findings.


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Australia was evil place in ancient period?


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