Posted on: 30 March 2017

Digita Rare Book:
Maharaja Bhojaraja's Sringara Prakasha
The great 10th century work on poetry and rhetoric
First Eight Chapters
Manuscript collated by Late His Holiness The Yatirajaswami of Melkote
Edited by G.R.Josyer
Foreword by Sir C.P.Ramawamy Iyer
Printed at The coronation Press, Mysore - 1955
In Sanskrit

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Portrait of a Hindu woman wearing a head-dress
By John Joseph Fonçeca
Madras - 1872

Pencil and watercolour

Little is known about this artist other than that on 11 July 1849 he married an Anne Meppen, by whom he had four children. Fonçeca is a variant of the Portuguese name Fonseca and is common in Madras.

Text and image credit:
Copyright: © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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Oooh That's utterly Interesting and fascinating*** Have to look this book up:)*

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So beautiful pic