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Padmavati : Opéra-ballet en deux actes
By Albert Roussel
Libretto by Louis Laloy
Published by A. Durand & fils, Paris - 1919
In French

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Padmâvatî is an opera in two acts by the French composer Albert Roussel. The libretto, by Louis Laloy, is based on Théodore-Marie Pavie's La légende de Padmanî, reine de Tchitor, which retells the legend recounted in Malik Muhammad Jayasi's poem Padmavat (1540). It was first performed at the Paris Opéra on June 1, 1923. Roussel styled the work an opéra-ballet and there are many dance numbers and opportunities for spectacle. The composer was inspired by his visit to the ruined city of Chittor in Rajastan and he incorporated many features of Indian music into the score.
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Albert Roussel's Opera in French - Padmavati

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Act Two -
The Mongols attack the city and Padmâvatî and the wounded Ratan-Sen take refuge in the temple of Siva. Ratan-Sen tells his wife that the people will be massacred unless she gives herself to Alaouddin. Ratan-Sen is stoned to death, and Padmâvatî joins him on his funeral pyre rather than giving herself to Alaouddin. (Wiki)

Watch Nicole Piccolomini - Roussel - Padmavati - Act II (selection):

Watch Philippe Do sing the Brahmin's aria from Rousel's Padmavati:

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