Posted on: 14 January 2017

Painting, in opaque watercolour and gold on paper,illustration to the Razm-nama (a Persian translation of the Mahabharata), the last hours of Bhisma. He lies on a bed of arrows discoursing to Yudhisthira.

1598 ca.
Artist: 'Ali, Husain
Painted in opaque watercolour and gold on paper

The Surya Siddhanta defines Uttarāyaṇa or Uttarayan as the period between the Makara Sankranti (which currently occurs around January 14) and Karka Sankranti (which currently occurs around July 16).

Uttarayana is referred to as the day of new good healthy wealthy beginning.

According to Kauravas and Pandavas, in Mahabharata on this day Bheeshma Pitamaha, chose to leave for his heavenly abode. As per the boon granted to Devavrata (young Bheeshma), he could choose his time of death and he chose this day, when the sun starts on its course towards the northern hemisphere.
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Bhishma on his bed of arrows Moghul Art.

Krishna is missing ??