Posted on: 27 December 2016

Digital Rare Book:
The Rites of the Twice-born
By Mrs. Sinclair Stevenson (1875-1957)
Published by Humphrey Milford, London - 1920

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From Mrs. S. C. Belnos's celebrated work "Sundhya," published in London, 1851

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not completed yet...seems more descriptive rather than an understanding

Urghai [Arghya सूर्य को जल देना,], offering of water, Madam Belnos - Day & Son (Lithographed)

Bharatwasiyon ko apni pehchan ke liye videshiyon ki jaroorat kyon hai.

S Suchindranath Aiyer Ever heard of this book Guruji ? Did they really write about us or as usual plain distortions ? :-p

Very nice...Pandit offering water to Sun....Good morning...