Posted on: 13 December 2016

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Cyclone Memoirs
Bay of Bengal Cyclone - August 21st - 28th, 1888
By J. Eliot
Published by The Superintendent of Government Printing, Calcutta - 1890

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Watercolour of Calcutta from the Strand during the cyclone of 5 October 1864 by John Arthur Armstrong (b. 1840). Inscribed: 'J. Armstrong 1864'.

This view shows the extent of the sea's encroachment upon the land and the beleaguered shipping in the harbour. During this cyclone, a large number of ships were driven ashore by the wind and waves; the P&O Lines 'Bengal' was deposited in the garden of Bishop's College and the storeship 'Hindostan' was completely wrecked. The city was badly damaged and up to sixty thousand people were killed.

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