Posted on: 5 December 2016

Gold Coin Showing King Chandragupta II as an Archer

Gupta period
ca. 376–414

Image credit:
© 2000–2016 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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He wasn't much of an archer. Almost always in the lower third quarter in any competition. But for some reason very keen to be immortalised as a great archer. Surprising considering he was very good with the sword. But then archery was the rage those days.

Historian Radha kumud Mookerjee's book on the Gupta Empire has beautiful sketches of these coins done by the amazing artist ,Nandlal Bose.

guys,for those of you who are keen to know more about numismatics you can refer prof.dr.vasudev upadhyay's book in hindi PRACHIN BHARTIYA MUDRAAEY published by motilal banarasidas publications(available on amazon/flipkart).The book is considered a landmark in coinage history of india tracing lineage from ancient to medieval periods.

Gupta Gold Coins - One of the most beautiful objects ever made by mankind. Also in the list of BBC's History of the World in 100 Objects ( selected from the British Museum). Remarkably cheap in Indian markets even today, for an object of this much beauty & antiquity. Common ones like this coin are Rs 60k to Rs 80K each, in auctions & the rare ones like Samudragupta Ashwamedha one are approx Rs 500k to 700k. Many jewelers in India have the complete sets in private collections & so do many Indian museums. ( Dekho - )

Usage of Combibow known to Indians from ancient times....Some historians perspective was it's a Mangolian or Turnkey influence

Beautifuly embossd .

Chandragupta II Coin with name in Brahmi script 380- 415