Posted on: 20 September 2016

Rare Book Society of India has been featured in the Economic Times
19 September 2016

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Visit the redesigned website of RBSI:

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Loved the new website, keep up the good work!!!

Congratulations, RBSI!

It's wonderful ❤

Superb organization

Rare books are remarkable source of information. Am reviewing series on William Jones.

Congratulations, your work is truly honorable !

Parag Patil Dhwanil Shah

Good comments by you Mr Subbaiah. Apprecitate it and also the good job.

VCan someone please help me get details of Mysore LANCERS From 1892- 1954

A great effort to preserve a gold mine of old books! Kudos

Keep up the great work! Thank you very much!

Your work is kept deep in my heart.

you owe a recognition :)

So nice

Good information shri


Very useful one sir ji. Aaj kal aapka msgs kum ho gaya sir. Busy dikh raha hai

hey guys this facebook page seems to be created to spread distorted history, culture, stories and indian civilization in the name of rare book society of india.... i have gone through this page and if you carefully observe most of the books in this page shown have been translated and distorted to the core by foreign authors & sepoys (indians psuedo intellectuals & scholars but support beaking india forces) ... AS Rajiv Malhotra BEAUTIFULLY explained very well in ALL his BOOKS ABOUT THESE DANGAROUS GUYS... these breaking india forces and so called authors and pseudo scholars who are sitting in columbia , harvard universities of comparative religions etc (ivy leagues) are all outsiders who wants to break india.... what do they mean by a rare book?? translated in western stand point of view and publish it as a rare book of india?..... rare book is book which is its original form not translate by some liftest & marxist and published in missionaries in foreign countries and culcatta... please PLEASE be aware and OPEN YOUR eyes now