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Digital Rare Book:

The BANDEMATARAM Album was published in Cawnpore (Kanpur) in 1923 by Shiva Narayan Mishra Vaidya of Prakash Pustakalaya.

This extremely rare book contains rare and beautiful paintings by K. Tejendra Kumar Mitra.

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This rare and out of print book contains the full English translation of Bandemataram song by Shri. Aurobindo.

सुजलां सुफलां मलयजशीतलाम्

सस्य श्यामलां मातरंम् .

शुभ्र ज्योत्सनाम् पुलिकत यािमनीम्

फुल्ल कुसुिमत द्रुमदलशोभिनीम्,

सुहासिनीं सुमधुर भाषिणीम् .

सुखदां वरदां मातरम् ॥

सप्त कोटि कण्ठ कलकल निनाद कराले

द्विसप्त कोटि भुजैर्ध्रत खरकरवाले

के बोले मा तुमी अबले

बहुबल धारिणीम् नमामि तारिणीम्

रिपुदलवारिणीम् मातरम् ॥

तुमि विद्या तुमि धर्म, तुमि ह्रदि तुमि मर्म

त्वं हि प्राणाः शरीरे

बाहुते तुमि मा शक्ति,

हृदये तुमि मा भक्ति,

तोमारै प्रतिमा गडि मन्दिरे-मन्दिरे ॥

त्वं हि दुर्गा दशप्रहरणधारिणी

कमला कमलदल विहारिणी

वाणी विद्यादायिनी, नमामि त्वाम्

नमामि कमलां अमलां अतुलाम्

सुजलां सुफलां मातरम् ॥

श्यामलां सरलां सुस्मितां भूषिताम्

धरणीं भरणीं मातरम् ॥


Mother, I salute thee!
Rich with thy hurrying streams,
bright with orchard gleams,
Cool with thy winds of delight,
Green fields waving Mother of might,
Mother free.

Glory of moonlight dreams,
Over thy branches and lordly streams,
Clad in thy blossoming trees,
Mother, giver of ease
Laughing low and sweet!
Mother I kiss thy feet,
Speaker sweet and low!
Mother, to thee I bow.

Who hath said thou art weak in thy lands
When swords flash out in seventy million hands
And seventy million voices roar
Thy dreadful name from shore to shore?
With many strengths who art mighty and stored,
To thee I call Mother and Lord!
Thou who saves, arise and save!
To her I cry who ever her foe drove
Back from plain and sea
And shook herself free.

Thou art wisdom, thou art law,
Thou art heart, our soul, our breath
Though art love divine, the awe
In our hearts that conquers death.
Thine the strength that nerves the arm,
Thine the beauty, thine the charm.
Every image made divine
In our temples is but thine.

Thou art Durga, Lady and Queen,
With her hands that strike and her
swords of sheen,
Thou art Lakshmi lotus-throned,
And the Muse a hundred-toned,

Pure and perfect without peer,
Mother lend thine ear,
Rich with thy hurrying streams,
Bright with thy orchard gleems,
Dark of hue O candid-fair

In thy soul, with jewelled hair
And thy glorious smile divine,
Loveliest of all earthly lands,
Showering wealth from well-stored hands!
Mother, mother mine!
Mother sweet, I bow to thee,
Mother great and free!

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Dear Mr Aaditya I am working on earliest sound recordings of Vande mataram.I hv already published 2 books on early sound Recordings of the Indian sub-continent.These r 1.Bajanaama 2.The Wonder That Was The Cylinder. Whether a pdf of the magazine in your collection is available for ref sake for my forthcoming work under due credit. Thanks. A n sharma

Thanks for the information . It's a rare insight into times gone by . The painting aptly reveals the fervour and the passion of the freedom struggle .

Design of Indian flag during the declaration of Bengal partition in 1905.

Bandemataram was written by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and NOT by Sri Aurobindo Ghosh

Rare Book Society of India could U pls provide the download link for this Gem ???

Yes.,I have this book it's illustrated. . Bharatmata image painted by TK MITRA...13 image

Thanks for the complete song lyrics.

Is this book reprinted? How can I get a copy?


Jai Hind ...

The paintings are beautiful! How does one obtain this book ?!

What a great rhythm !

Thanks for information n details

Amazing :)


Thanks for rare information.

Excellent post.

Unparallel ......Vande Matram




Excellent..Vande mataram.

thanks i added this Info in Vande matram dhun on my channel

The book is Aanand math.

Wonderful and knowledgeble information .Thanks.