Posted on: 10 August 2016



Presenting an online auction of Antiquarian Books by StoryLTD, this spectacular collection includes rare books from the 1700s to the early 20th century.

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The selection features a spectrum of themes including, but not limited to, the British Raj and the Indian subcontinent. Many of these books include lavish colour illustrations by travellers to the subcontinent who recorded local subjects, sceneries and events as they witnessed them.

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There is a genuine problem . Book lovers are financially not well off , certainly not to the extent of going through an auction . But I have a suggestion . These books are very old and they are now in the public domain . The owners can print and sell copies in the market at an affordable price . Both the seller and the buyer stand to gain . I think the auction of the original later on , would fetch in a steep sum far beyond expectations .

Select View on Mysore, Holmes is worth buying. Any idea of its cost? Hope it is affordable!

I have developed a habit of collecting old and prized rare books now. But in Crawford Market , if you go, one comes across some extreme rarest but still pricey around 50 - 70K bucks. Too costly. But if you know the shop owner, they allow you to take copies, even that is costly by every standard.

For true information,we must study author and his work also.

Please muje ye books cahye

Good collection, prohibitive prices.

I wish these books were not expensive I could buy a handful..

Shreyas Macwan Check this out buddy!!! Your things!!! Hehe!!!

Shubham Raorane could have bought them, but we is poor :'(

I wish I was rich. :(

Patel Medha you can check these out ...


Jay hind


Why do you want to auction them ?


How to bid

Appreciate if u sell those to Govt of India

likes your photo

Let us do it.

Mash Allah



Vrinda Agrawal If only they weren't so expensive.

Sumant Batra this may interest you.


Kabeer Arif check this