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A Distant View of the Temple at Alla Bhaugh, with different natives in the Concan - 1813

Plate 26 from the first volume of James Forbes'"Oriental Memoirs", a work in the form of a series of letters richly illustrated, describing various aspects of nature, people and buildings he met with during his travels in India in the 1760s-70s. Describing the two temples abuilt by the Mahratta chieftain 'Ragojee Agria' and his Dewan Govind Sett, at Alibaug in the western coast of India called the Konkan, Forbes(1749-1819)wrote: 'the outer one a square, well proportioned, covered by a large dome, and adorned at each corner by a lofty spire, composed of cupolas, gradually diminishing to the summit, with appropriate ornaments...the outer temple was dedicated to public worship, the inner exclusively to the front of the temples a spacious area contained a tank lined with hewn stone for the ablutions of the worshippers...the surrounding groves were enlivened by dancing-girls and musicians...the Temple, lake and gardens at Allah Baugh, presented an excellent specimen of modern oriental magnificence'.

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What happened with these temple ..where r they now?...

What happened with these temple ..where r they now?...

You are too innocent brother. Read atrocities of Portuguese in Goa, you will understand what happened.

This is mosque at Alibag not temple