Posted on: 6 August 2016

August 16-17, 2016

Presenting an online auction of Antiquarian Books by StoryLTD, this spectacular collection includes rare books from the 1700s to the early 20th century.

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The selection features a spectrum of themes including, but not limited to, the British Raj and the Indian subcontinent. Many of these books include lavish colour illustrations by travellers to the subcontinent who recorded local subjects, sceneries and events as they witnessed them.

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Shashi Kolar

Ashok Panvalkar Nitin Rindhe Nikhilesh Chitre Sarang Darshane Mrinmayee Ranade

All books looks like reprints

reprints ok... may be of interest, but not of value...

Dhrupad Pant

Deepanjan da, dekho. :3

No they are not reprints

You need to see them physically

This is indeed a marvellous collection! A rare book collector's dream.

Whose collection is this?

These are books sourced from various consignors inn India.


Tripurdaman Singh check this out

लाज़वाब पुस्तकें...

Sad thing is, our sleeping Indian/state govenments won't care to buy up such a huge collection of books containing vital missing threads and chapters of our history. These rare collections would end up in a rich chap's drawing room, but never in our national libraries/museums.

Excellent. We must support good things.

Kuldeep Sharma, Devdutta Sanyal

Pratap Singh Mehta

Shall have a look at... thanks for informing me.. It was great talking to you the other day..

Champak Dyuti Majumder Debanjon Mukherjee

Kenar poysha nei :'(

Catalogue dekhei mon vora

Aro dukkho berey gyalo

I think we ned to understand here that many rare and antiquarian books are expensive and beyond the reach of the common man. But they are also collectables like vintage cars, sculpture, paintings and others. Rare book collecting is still an uncommon passion in India regardless of its vast and old printing history. India needs more rare book collectors so that there will be a greater awareness for its preservation and value as an item historical heritage. There are hundreds of government libraries in India which have tens of thousands of rare books, Most of the libraries in a state of disrepair let alone the sad state of these valuable books. How many are even interested to visit such a library or are allowed to browse through them. I have been informed that the books for this auction are sourced from private collectors and dealers. And for those of us who find these beautiful treasures beyond our reach - we can always download the digitised versions on RBSI. :)

I think Abhilash did say that the government does not care to invest in these treasures of our history. Also, it's quite credible that most Indians, particularly those of us who have been removed for generations, have an insatiable thirst for Indian history but only have access to the most whitewashed versions, pun intended. The commenter's assertion that these books, while admittedly priceless in aesthetic value and content, would end up with someone who may only appreciate them for the former, is completely warranted.

Not really. I have come across innumerable rare book collectors who are extremely learned and have invested in them for the sheer joy and love of these rare treasures. Actually just any 'rich guy' would never pay so much money for just a book that cannot be sold easily as the buyers will be few and far between,

Stella Herzig

Siddique Wazir

Sharika Parmar one day.. :)

Are these books about Raja Maharajas n Sansthaniks?



Government should purchase and preserve them

OK I buy it


Rene Verma

Parbina Tamang Sayantani Biswas Anuradha Mishra Devashree Batham Amrita Sharan Priya Mishra Ved Prakash

I'm surely coming Kumar Sambhav Parbina Tamang

Komal Ramavat Shivani Khatri Sachin Patel :D :D B| jorr che aa jovo. the link.

I have a collection of old books and photographs specifically on India including the Oriental Memoirs featured above.

They are pleasure to read and the illustrations are enjoyable too. There are plenty of these in libraries in India too.

Runjeet Singh

Meghali Roy

Mishty Varma

सबि यनि खुश रयाँ दगड़्या दगड़ि पुर्याँ क्वे कै थैं ना झुर्याँ ।। सादर।

None of them look like the original manuscripts

Apoorva Sarna jsidnxk

Rohini Lall, Vartika Ashok Mishra Upasana Jha Pratik Patidar Shikha Olickal Poonam Sharma

Rare books' collection

Looking for English August!!!!!

I got a copy from an old book store in Malleshwaram recently!

Great. Can u tell me which one?? Wonder if there will be another copy

Must be nice.

The place is not mentioned.

I'll check with my sister and let you know, though I doubt it. It's the kind of place where people drop off their old books...

But all said, super read. I had started it sometime in college and then lost the book. Tried online, but finally found it there

Its an online auction on

I love books..before the advent of technology book was my only true passion

Great. To have this collection

Looking forward to the Auction ... i am a history buff.... will keep buying rare books aslong as they are available ..havent yet got an answer .. how do i become a member of Rare Book Society of India?

National Library is the right place, as these books will come to the help of thousands of research scholar. Government must act on it if seller's declaration is true .

Would like to become a member of Rare Books society of India ... How do i go about it?

Gift it to the National Library Kolkata... Kolkatans are book lovers...

I doubt its authenticity . And If these are rare authentic books of historic convention , they be affiliated with the national literary conservation & be attributed as the property of nation & be made available to public responsibly. This is cheap business.

Sad thing is, our sleeping Indian/state govenments won't care to buy up such a huge collection of books containing vital missing threads and chapters of our history. These rare collections would end up in a rich chap's drawing room, but never in our national libraries/museums.

Many books had already been reprinted in India by Rupa Publications,D.K.Publishers and Distributors,Munshi Lal Manohar Lal,Atlantic Publishers,Manohar Publisher and Distributors,and many more.You name the book and I will try to tell you the publisher or you can visit their sites.

In the USA, in garage and Church sales one can find many rare books at affordable prices. I am not rich, but have collected some very old books from the 1700 and 1800s for less than fifty dollars each.

Future will not excuse the present leaders of the country if the valuable books not properly protected. Let the huge collection be respected

Great collection of rare books. its very hard to get such quality books these days. Its good that these books are on auction and whovever buys them will preserve it and in that way our history will be preserved. Good job Rare book society of India and Story LTD.

Even if available for low/ affordable prices, where to keep them, if bought ?, when there is no place in our flats already having so many books, half or more of them yet to be read.

Pls kindly forward me the details regarding venue date and time and the contact details/address of Rare Book Society of India

Would prefer reading online for none of the authors are known.

This made me think of you Ron Kalifa and your love for rare books.

Kindly sell all those to Gov't of India.. Do not sell those in public..

I would like to get the.. books related to District Ders Ghazi khan..trible chieves..if there r in this series..pls inform me accordingly

Why government is not preserving it as a monument for the future generation to staudy it & know about the country 's history.

All these precious books should be kept in libraries for the public to have excess.

I have huge books Kolkata note book etc.keuki kinbe?

Good Morning Is this collection is on Indian subject? I mean the whole collection. & what is the approximate value of the whole collection? And where I can see the collection physicaly. I short I am interested if it's on Indian subject