Posted on: 24 July 2016

The wedding procession of Prince Dara Shikoh

DescriptionPainting on both sides of paper. Recto: Prince Dara Shikoh rides on a white horse clad in patterned gold jama, gold and orange patka and gold turban. An attendant with morchal follows on foot behind. This is the procession of Dara Shikoh's wedding. His relations Prince Aurangzeb, Prince Shuja and Shah Jahan's father in law Asaf Khan ride behind. Three candlebearers light the way. The dignitaries awaiting his arrival have their names inscribed in Hindi and Persian; Ranga Khan, Jagannatha, Khalila Khan, Gunavan and Tir Andaz Khan, Mansabdar. Musicians play in the immediate foreground and a motley group of youngsters stand in the left background observing the procession. An unfinished grey building façade stands in the background. Blue and gold floral border, green red and gold borders, border with floral bouquets in reds, lilacs, blues and yellows with gold outlines on beige. Verso: Calligraphic panel in nastaliq of a quatrain in Persian written allegedly by Muhammad Husain (according to Robert Skelton). Calligraphy contained in a gold cloud with red outline.

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This is the most beautiful painting This painting along with other painting's were exhibited at Imperial Hotel Janpath New Delhi. Courtse British Embessy

Wow nice...where can it be seen in did u get to see it??


If he gained the crown India's history would have been different! A wise man he was!