Posted on: 5 June 2016

A sandstone figural relief of Surya
Central India, 10th/11th Century

The solar deity standing in a frontal hieratic pose with both hands raised and holding a stylized blossoms, a small figure of his consort standing between his boots and accompanied by his two sons Shani and Yama standing on the rectangular plinth, a pair of apsaras flanking a floriform mandorla to the top, now supported on a metal base.

Text and images credit: Bonhams

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And no one will know it's provenance

Jk Nair

But we all know where it came from. :) Some more work for you Vijay Kumar.

सूर्य प्रतिमा कहा कि हॆ

Smart people created all these images and stories to control minds of ordinary humans

oh, to give us comfort and aesthetic pleasure.