Posted on: 23 May 2016

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Illustrated Guide to the South Indian Railway, including the Mayavaram-Mutupet, and Peralam-Karaikal Railways.
By South Indian Railway Co., Ltd
Published by Higginbotham & Co., Madras - 1900

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Photograph of the Central Railway Station at Madras (Chennai), Tamil Nadu, taken by Nicholas & Company in ca.1880. Madras, the capital of the Madras Presidency of British India, was the first significant settlement of the British East India Company, founded in 1639 on land granted by the Raja of Chandragiri between the Cooum and Adyar rivers on the south-eastern coast. Madras grew rapidly around the fortified trading post of St. George, but its importance declined with the pre-eminence of Calcutta by the late-18th century. It has a rich legacy of colonial architecture. The railway station was built between 1868-72 in central Madras on the edge of George Town. It is a two-storey arcaded Gothic building with a clocktower and was designed by George Hardinge. This is a view looking towards the station, with the stone bridge over the Cochrane Canal in the foreground.

Text and image credit: Copyright © The British Library Board

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Samit Roychoudhury, Apurva Bahadur

Samit Roychoudhury, Apurva Bahadur

The tower still exists. The bridge is gone and the Buckingham canal is sadly now a sewer. Sridhar, any other facts or corrections?

the tower, last week ...

Sridhar, where is this bridge today?

Sridhar, but is this PH Road?

Great snaps, Apurva. Rare Book Society of India - take note ( )

Metro under construction at this spot now.