Posted on: 20 May 2016

Pendant with Narasimha

India, Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmir region
9th-10th century
Copper alloy inlaid with silver; traces of paint

Source: Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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Farooq Syedi

Today is Narasimha jayanti

Jai Hanumanji that's the image on this pendant.

Narasimha is one of Hanuman's five faces. Panchamukha Hanuman-narasimba.. It must be Narasimha in the middle (clearly the face is that of a lion) surrounded by his army of monkeys armed with clubs.

Narasimhadeva is an avatar of Sri Vishnu. He took the form of half man half lion to protect his devotee Prahlad.

Gilles Georget sorry but the central image is clearly that of Hanumanji not Narasimadeva, see this image of a typical Panchmuki Hanumanji.

Jst wow... <3

No, it is Narasimha. See the Mace in hiranyakasubu's hand.

Beautiful and very unique.

The mouth is much too big for a monkey. and the headgear is not Hanuman's in the shape of a monkey. Having said that I am not a specialist of hindu iconography from Kashmir in this medieval period. Would be interesting if there other similar occurences.

This is clearly Narasimha - see the mane, fiery eyes, wide mouth, four hands and Hiranyakashapu on his thigh. Mohan Baba and Gilles Georget