Posted on: 11 December 2015

Shiva as the Cosmic Pillar
India, Tamil Nadu, early 12th century
Granulite with traces of paint

Source: Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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Om Namah Shivai.

Aka - Lingodbhava Murti !


This reminds me of the Dravidian kings in 12th century who patronized Shiva worship and considered Vaishnvaites as their core enemies. Much blood was littered on this soil during many wars between both these faiths . A good reference of this is there in Vishwaroopam movie by Kamal Hasan.

Jai ho

even more explicitly shown in dasavatharam in first 10 mints ... in vishwaroopam there was just references to vishnu in some scenes no fight was shown as far as i can remember...

Dear Aravindakshan, There is a good rift between both sects shown in the first 10 minutes of the movie. A well researched subject by Kamal on this subject.