Posted on: 13 November 2015

Garden Gate, Laul Baugh, Seringapatam - 1804

Plate six in 'Picturesque Scenery in the Kingdom of Mysore' by James Hunter. This aquatint is based on a picture by Hunter depicting the entrance gate to the Lal Bagh Gardens at Srirangapatnam. Inside this garden is the tomb of Haidar Ali (c.1722-1782), the king of Mysore. It is also the resting placeof his son, Tipu Sultan (1753 -1799). This royal retreat was stocked with many rare and exotic varieties of plants and trees brought from Persia, Afghanistan and France. In 1840 a magnificent glass house was built in the garden modelled on London's Crystal Palace.

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This gate no longer exists.

This is the inside view of entrance to.Gumbaz area. Gate is there in modified form. And so are the two bulbous structures on either side. The bulbous structures have numerous holes in them, apparently for accommodating pigeons.