Posted on: 10 November 2015

Tipu Sultan's Qur'an

View of pages from the Qur'an of Tipu Sultan. Shows text in the centre, surrounded by gold and blue illumination. Tipu Sultan was the Muslim ruler of Southern India's Mysore province (now part of Karnataka) during the late eighteenth century. Opposed to the British East India Company's attempts to annex Indian territories, he fought their expansion by playing the company off against both the French and the Marathas, before he was killed at the storming of his capital, Seringapatam, by the British in 1799.

Text and Image source:
University of Edinburgh

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Beautiful. Shei medieval illuminated manuscripter katha mone porlo.

He killed Christians of Mangalore and surrounding regions.... 1784-1799. It is good that British brought an end to the evil tactics of this sultan

What about the Goa Inquisition? Whose evil tactics should have been brought to an end then? If not then, should Portugal apologise?

Too bad u noticed killings of only Christians and not Hindus. what a sad state to say "Good that British brought an end to him" , the British who killed many Indians. How can a country prosper with people like this..hmm.

I mentioned about Christians because I am a Christian.but does not rule out other things... Life of tippu began with sword and ended with sword... Those who take the sword in their hands are cursed and killed thru it. History repeats.

Many people have died under the mughals and also post 1948.... Than Brits.

Please... Covers for British !! Least not forget the war and famine. No, am not speaking about Britain alone, in fact the entire European colonisation including Tsar Russians, on the orientals. Devil and the deep sea perhaps.

Why are some getting incensed on just stating facts ? If Tipu isn't the poster boy that media wants/wanted to make of him, so be it. We don't need mascots from the past to look forward to. We aren't comparing evils relative to one another here. What he did shouldn't be air-brushed or pushed under the carpet. Demagogues weren't out for tarnishing his image. If Eulogists could shut their senseless celebration of this figure, or at least not claim he was secular and tolerant, that will have sufficed.

He killed almost a 100,000 hindus and Mapila Muslims who sided them in His Malabar invasion. He took the european wars to India, and facilitated a french invasion and colonisation in the west coast. He also let a certain french man to test a field gun on innocent civilians who were mostly Nair children and women. He did not fight for India. Indian union was non existent then. He merely stopped the british from annexing the mysore kingdom which was his territory...

The British took all away!

Exquisite workmanship!

Having massacred over a lack kodavas & converted 70000

Having massacred over a Lakh kodavas & converted 70000 more he doesn't deserve a like from us .

From all these comments it appears that Tipu killed lakhs and lakhs Indians including Hindus,Muslims and especially Christians. He was fundamentalist and Islamic by faith. He just wanted to save his own territory and nothing else. No need to give him any importance.He was as barbarous as Aurangzeb.Lenin and Stalin just followed Tipu Sultan without having knowledge about this Leviathan and killed lakhs of human beings in the name of Communism.So Aurangzeb,Tipu Sultan,Lenin and Stalin and Mao belong to the same clan of ruthless rulers without any respect for human values.

Needs further investigation to find out why some people like him.

Patni Sahib Deepawali Ki sab Ko badhai

Thanks,Obroiji,May God Bless You and your family with all that you need for a happy and peaceful life.

Jnanapeeti Canard Mountesh(illegal heir of Alexander+Baabar+Chengis Khan+Ghazni+Tughluk) may not agree !