Posted on: 4 October 2015

Krishna Summoning the Cows
c. 1780-1790
India, Pahari Hills, Bilaspur school, 18th century
Ink and color on paper

Source: The Cleveland Museum of Art

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dont just post only 1 data chart.. please also post the data charts of previous years. It will provide a complete picture about how india got into this place. plus FYI.. GOI minister Nirmala sitaraman has recently clarified some facts about beef export. go through that also... it will increase knowledge about what things are included in beef export. thnxs..

It's true that the cows recognize the voice and gestures of a herdsman. When Krishna acted as a cow herdsman, the animals followed his indications just as the cows from Rajasthan follow their own herdsman's voice that roam the countryside of Haryana nowadays

look into my timeline I have shared this long before you... I am not a coward.. I work for making animal shelters.. Till date I have made only 2 but thats a start. Have you participated in CLEAN INDIA. ??

I am a part of clean india.... And some of our communities are cleaning india since vedic times... If some uppercastes may know....