Posted on: 4 October 2015

Cow and Calf
India, Uttar Pradesh, late 7th century

Source: Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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Wondering if this sculpture was the inspiration for the "cow-and-calf" election symbol adopted by the Congress party in the 1970s.

I wonder how that would fit into the beef politics of modern India. :)

Very apropos ^_^ - your comment, that is.

Los Angeles County Museum is communal


Oxen-pair was their original symbol. Cow was always with them.

Recently around 100 sculptures have been returned to India by US .. plz share any Info abt this.thnx

Bull calf 8 months old, he has a taste for mothers milk

Those were the days when Indians were sattvik enough to recognise and adore another sattvik being. Today the Indian mind is completely COLONISED.

Now Indian seculars shoud perform their duty to declare U.S.A. as a communal state.