Posted on: 28 September 2015

Digital Rare Book:
A Malabar and English Dictionary
By The English Missionaries of Madras
Printed at Wepery near Madras - 1779

A Malabar and English Dictionary, wherein the words and phrases of the Tamulian Language, commonly called by the Europeans the Malabar language, are explained.

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Opaque watercolour painting on European paper of a banker and his wife. The turbaned banker, possibly a Chetti, wears a dhoti and carries on his back a large bag or sack, secured to his chest by an angavastra (shawl). On his forehead is a vibhuti (cow dung ash) tilaka, and vibhuti marks are on his neck, chest and arms. His wife carries two sacks. She wears a yellow and red sari that covers her bare chest, as well as jewellery and vibhuti on her forehead. The wife is barefoot and the banker wears sandals.

Company School
1830-1835 (circa)
Tamil Nadu

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Tamilian Banker 'Chetty' with caste mark on forehead and his Wife from Village of Poovasoor