Posted on: 20 September 2015

Elephant with Riders
India, Uttar Pradesh (?), 1st century B.C.

Source: Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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seeing this has made my day!

Superb •


elephant ride... magadha regions (?)

Have come across just one Hastin or elephant terracotta from Hastinapur. But Mathura , Kaushabi, Kannauj and Ahichhatra have so many elephants in their terracottas of this vintage. See this scan from VS Agrawala's important study on Ahichhatra terracotta published in Ancient India 1948. This unique piece of elephants in terracotta was stolen . Written about by both Sivaramamurti and Agrawala. Hope it surfaces someday in some museum...

Vijay Kumar fyi

So beautiful!!

This type of art we can see at gateways of sanchi stupas.

so old sculpture of Hastinapur(Meruth) India

इस तरह के मिट्टी के खिलौने शूद्रक के नाटक मिट्टी की गाडी में वर्णित है। clay cart. मृक्ष कटिटम जिस पर एक फिल्म भी है।

A similar piece has been found from kannauj also.

what a shame

I think the hole is for a wheel axle, as a pull-toy. Where'd the one I posted from Kolhapur go?

Cross posted on Ancient monuments of india fb page. This is Rare books ....

I apologize.