Posted on: 23 June 2015

A Studio Portrait of a group of Yogis
Colin Murray for Bourne & Shepherd, ca. 1880s.

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sadhus toked to the gills

I thought for a minute that these were your cousins from Floyd County.

I think this group has more teeth.

ethnically, and culturally these "models" are impostors and not "yogis" or sadhus


A yogi would never judge

Yogis or simply beggars?

who wears tripundra below the waist?

deserters from the British Raj?

Aprt from his forehead tripund is not marked anywhere. Tripund consists of three horizontal lines. While it is true that similar marks are placed on chest and arms, this by no means exhausts the varieties

Could be but we will never know.

Practically all yogis practiced beggary. Even the Pandavas during their agyaat vaas / van vaas (at Ekschakrpur for example lived by begging.)


He may be a saivaite ..

Do you expect that yog has been saved by only white cooler persons. Since thousands of years that has been saved through all types of persons, even those who had not had food for the next evening.

Aruna Dee ji respect others , aapke baap ji bhi jab nhi aaye the is duniya me tab ki photo hai koi bhi ho kam se respect krna sikho

Taken where?

aruna who the hell are you to call them dhongi...? hv u gone mad or wht? they are aghori's or sadhus and please read the history of aghori's dat what they loss to gain this image........ #educatedillitrat

If my name was Ann, Mary or such u may not hv commented. Maybe u forgot to read the other comments. I hv the right to my opinion bro.

Anoop Singh these r my ancestors.

i was not aware that yoga needed saving....most certainly not by white cooler persons.... it seems to flourish quite nicely even though misappropriated by those unfamiliar with the traditional culture.

ahh such Witticism....surely you must be a pun dit

excellent picture

Jerry Sarvas - 100% correct. - it was developed by the Rishis who were living in forest and in most natural environment, where no facilities like present days was available

have u been there brother these r real sadhus and yogies ..if u criticize they will hunt u ..have some peace in yr mind ,, somebody took pic not they want

You assume they did not want to be photographed, yet it is clearly a studio portrait....are you saying they were coerced into posing. How do you know I wasn't there? After all this picture is from the 1880's. All I'm saying is they look more like me than the typical Indian complexioned sadhus.

i don't like the look in their eyes...

Did someone read right what is saying?? It's saying that this is A STUDIO PORTRAIT of a group of yogis. Please pay more attention and then comment. Because is a nice picture artistic and is a good effort someone took to bring his idea to us! Appreciation is so beautiful and lead us to a nice path of joy!!

@Jerry can you be so sure?

Gopal, these "yogis" look like hundreds of counterculture residents of Lower Puna here in Hawaii....or for that matter Goa, or Bali or anywhere else they flock. ...if they are aghoris then I am mistaken and I will apologize....all I'm saying is what I feel.