Posted on: 31 May 2015

What I am inheriting will need to be a force contributing to the state: King of Mysore
By Karuna John

Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar talks about how a UMass Amherst grad became King.

Q: How does it feel going from student to King? Who initiated the formal adoption that was the first step to coronation?

Initially, it was overwhelming. The adoption was done in a traditional way. My mother, Queen Pramoda Devi Wadiyar (who was then my aunt), initiated it. She was always a mother figure, and I knew her very well. This was a sensitive matter, so she came to my parents and asked them. But the legal agreement was up to me.

My parents, of course, had a better idea of the responsibility of the role. They outlined it for me, and I slowly wrapped my head around it and became acclimatised.

Q: Were you shocked when you were named the heir to the Mysore throne?

I wasn’t shocked, but it was overwhelming. I did not go into the background of why she chose me. That was completely her prerogative. My end of things was the option to take it up or not. I knew within a week; my world-view is crafted by being a part of that family. I do acknowledge its tradition, its values, and I have always imbibed that.

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A great heritage of the Mysore Royals.

British ne Tipu Sultan aur Hayderali Ko Marne ke Baad in logo ko Hukumat deke apne Esharo pe nachaya tha .........Hindustan ke Azadi ke liye Tipu Saheed hue aur ye Maze se Gaddi Sambah rahe the aur maze loot rahe the.

Very fine post

Nice post

An epic era movie.