Posted on: 12 April 2015

Vishnu in agama asana
India, Uttar Pradesh, 11th century

Source: Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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लक्ष्मी जी पैर दबा रही है। वाह क्या ठाठ है विष्णु जी के।

Loot from India. Should be returned to India.

Vishnu in tantric art. 11th CE to 13th CE - blossoming of Vishnu Agama. Rather uncomfortable Vishnu there, in an agama asana. Not just another Vishnu in cosmic sleep sculpture there. The accompanying text is the "Pancharatra" . Without reading it, such erotic art is rather misleading for viewers. Konark's Sun Temple is a prime example of Vishnu agama tantric art. Ramanujacharya opposing Adi Sankara philosophy, needs to be read alongside ....

Please tell us indelails about it

Please Wiki it - big subject. Many good books about it. Ajit Mookherjee on Tantra art, is a good starter ..

Corrected the description...Ratnesh.

Pz tell the name of ajit mookherjee's book

this one ( )

Also, Dr Devangana Desai's well researched book is noteworthy. It refutes all these crazy "sensous"/"erotic" aesthetic theories that art historians love to talk/write about, deliberately playing to a western gallery & ignoring the mention of underlying philosophies of the time (such as Pancharatra) , which the art of the time reflects. They should compare the philosophies of this tantra time, with Marquis de Sade's philosophies, to put it in the right perspective for a western audience. But why bother with such hard work when you can write an essay full of adjectives on the aesthetics of the human body & the erotic. ( )

Sri T. A. Gopinatha Rao calls this Uttama Bhogasayamurti, and he also says "The whole body of Vishnu in the recumbent posture should resemble a bow"