Posted on: 4 April 2015

Watercolour painting on paper of Rama and Sita seated on a throne. Hanuman is dressed in shorts, a shawl and a golden crown. Behind the throne stand Rāma’s three brothers; Lakṣmaṇa, Shatrughna and Bharata. Each of the brothers wear a golden crown, dhoti and a shawl draped over their shoulders. One of the brothers holds an umbrella over Rāma and Sīta and a chauri (fly-whisk), another holds a bow and a chauri and the third holds a bow and arrow.

Company School
19th century(early)

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Jai ho Sri Ramchandra ji ki!

Shri raama dhootam sharanam prapadhye

A minor correction - the third brother also holds a bow and a chauri and not an arrow.

This is also called 'Patna Kalam' - this school of painting for the first time in India took up common man and day to day street and bazar scenes as their subject - their style was influenced by the Mughal and the British Company style - alas the Govts of the day did nothing to preserve and encourage this delightful school of painting - some specimens can be found in Patna Art College ! I wish the newly renovated Patna Museum devotes a section on this school of painting to rekindle interest in this art

जय हनुमान ग्यान गुण सागर । जय कपीस तिहू लोक उजागर ।।