Posted on: 26 January 2015

New Book:
Mathematical Achievements of Pre-Modern Indian Mathematicians
By T. K. Puttaswamy
Published by Elsevier, London - 2012

Book summary:
Mathematics in India has a long and impressive history. Presented in chronological order, this book discusses mathematical contributions of Pre-Modern Indian Mathematicians from the Vedic period (800 B.C.) to the 17th Century of the Christian era. These contributions range across the fields of Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry. The book presents the discussions in a chronological order, covering all the contributions of one Pre-Modern Indian Mathematician to the next. It begins with an overview and summary of previous work done on this subject before exploring specific contributions in exemplary technical detail. This book provides a comprehensive examination of pre-Modern Indian mathematical contributions that will be valuable to mathematicians and mathematical historians.

Preview this book online:

A page from a manuscript of a sixteenth-century Sanskrit text combines tables and computational algorithms in verse to solve astronomical problems.


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