Posted on: 12 January 2015

View from Malabar Hill - 1800

This is plate 3 from James Wales' 'Bombay Views'. The series was painted for Sir Charles Malet (1752-1815), the British Resident of Poona, who Wales met in Bombay in 1791.

The panoramic view (continued on plate 4) was taken across the Back Bay and includes the Flag Staff at Malabar Point, part of Old Woman's Island, the light house, Mendham's Point and Bombay. The islands of Karanja and Elephanta are pictured in the distance, with the Mahratta Mountains in the background. In 1782, the British were forced by the Treaty of Salbai to cede all the land they had won to the Marathas, in exchange for the Salsette, Elephanta, Karanja and Hog islands.

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