Posted on: 19 April 2014

Walkeshwar, Bombay - 1855

A photograph of the Walukeshwar temple in Maharashtra from the 'Vibart Collection of Views in South India' taken by an unknown photographer about 1860. The kings of the Silhara dynasty who ruled Bombay from the 9th to the 13th Centuries originally built Walkeshar Temple which is situated on Malabar hill. However it was rebuilt in 1715 after the Portuguese destroyed the original temple. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Walukeshwar (Lord Shiva) or Sand Lord.

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This is not the Walukeshwar temple.It is the Jabreshwar tem0le situated in the temple complex of Walkeshwar

Here is a picture of the same taken on April 18, 2014


Head-on view. The neighboring buildings are within arm's length.

आहे सुंदर, पण बाणगंगा वगैरे परिसर आज देखील बकाल असतो. फक्त बाणगंगा फेस्टिवल च्या वेळी साफ करतात. वाळकेश्वर ह्या धनाढ्य लोकांच्या परिसरात हा भाग आपण कायम साफ ठेवू शकत नाही ही आपली शोकांतिका.

these modern day builders shud respect the sheer beauty and culture that these historic temples stand for.....hw can they b allowed to construct structures at arms legnth around these lovely symbols of our heritage and culture?????

Thank you Jaina Mishra! Great pictures!

Thank for sharing this picture Kamlesh Mota and Rare Book society of India. I am just staying in thT building next to temple which pic has take by Jaina mishra .. As my window is seen also in photo and Rahul chemburker is abdulutely right.

Just a coincidence that I visited Banganga for the first time on Friday after being a Mumbaikar for 48 years! Had I known, we could have visited Ajay! WHat a lovely location to grow up in!

Wow! Thank you Ajay Arunkummar Vaidya and Jaina Mishra for sharing this rare coincidence with us. This is quite unbelievable...truly!! : )

Thank you Rare Book society of India, if you need more photos from this place then you can ask. Anytime as it will be my pleasure if something I can do fir it as Jaina Mishra has allready done good job but what mr Rahul chemburker has said that's the correct information as Walukeshwar temple is different not this ... And i guess you need to make correction in yr information .. Thank you Jaina , yes I m lucky to be brought up here I m 40 and even my father is born n brought up here and our building is more then 100 yrs old - Bhatia nivas - seen in yr photo