Posted on: 3 April 2014

Digital Rare Book:
Folk-tales of the Khasis
By K.U.Rafy
Published by Macmillan and Co., London - 1920

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the women aren't looking happy... look at that wicked smile on the guy's face....

I met a bunch of Khasi college students on the train from Bangalore to Kolkata some years ago. They said that they had fun at the malls, but that they really couldn't wait to get back and drink rice wine with their friends and family at home. :)

I had a Khasi aayah to look after me in Assam & Shillong 19 1953-4.She was a cristian & adressed me as "St. George Baba" . She had probably never heard the name Sanjay. Or probably thought that my parents & grand parents were pronouncing it wrongly.