Posted on: 18 March 2014

Watercolour drawing of a view of the town of Shahabad (Kotah, formerly Jhalawar) by an anonymous artist in c.1818. Inscribed below the drawing is: 'Shahabad. No. 11.'

This work forms part of the Marquess of Hastings collection. He was the Governor-General of Bengal and the Commander-in-Chief from 1813-23. On his many expeditions throughout India he was often accompanied by an artist. In this landscape drawing, done in the calcutta style, the town of Shahabad can be seen in the distance lying in a wooded valley between hills. Shahabad, formerly Jhalawar and now Kotah, is situated on the east bank of the Chambal river. In the early 19th century the state flourished under the rule of Zalim Singh.

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