Posted on: 6 March 2014

“The Drying Room, Opium Factory at Patna India”

“In the Drying Room the balls are placed to dry before being stacked. Each ball is placed in a small earthenware cup. Men examine the balls, and puncture with a sharp style those in which gas, arising from fermentation, may be forming.”

- The Truth about Opium Smoking, 1882

Illustrations of the mode of preparing the Indian opium intended for the Chinese market from drawings by Captain Walter S. Sherwill.

Source: Cornell University Library

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Great , thanks.

Never knew it was such a sophisticated kill someone with kindness

Proceeds from trade used as Venture capital, for industrial revolution in Europe. Back then, it was not called Money laundering. Two hundred years of pillage. After world war 2, India was a nought but a burden, and a reason for the hasty flight.

More facts, if be involved:

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