Posted on: 5 March 2014

Watercolour painting with a pen and ink border of three men smoking opium. All three men are seated on the ground; the one on the far right wears only a loincloth and a white shawl. He has small tufts of hair on his head, and is in the process of smoking from the pipe. He faces the other two men and on the ground in front of him is a blue bag, a vessel and a green shawl. The man in the middle is also smoking from a opium pipe and looks at the man in the loincloth. He wears yellow trousers with a white tunic and a red turban. A green shawl is draped over his shoulders. In front of him is a stick, a bowl and a piece of fabric (?). The third man has a pipe next to him but is not smoking and appears rather dazed. He wears blue trousers with a white tunic and a yellow shawl over his shoulder. On his head is red turban.

Company School
Sikh Style

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Chandu Khanna.

Very sad.

There is a tragic significance to this painting.

those aren't opium pipes. More likely it is charas