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The Departure of the Sons of Tippoo from the Zenana; The Delivery of the Definitive Treaty by the Hostage Princes into the Hands of Lord Cornwallis, fine engravings by F. Bartolozzi after Mather Brown, mounted, framed and glazed, each approximately 482 x 612mm., D. Orme, 21 December 1793.

Views commemorating events surrounding the peace agreement to end the Third Mysore War, involving the delivery of Tipu Sultan's sons as hostages to Lord Cornwallis, the Governor General of India.

Source: Bonhams

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a sad event in the History of India

Touching and sad...cruel too, of Cornwallis to tear them away from their mothers

Why is it a sad event? Why bemoan the defeat of a man who was by most accounts a communal bigot, a racist, a human rights violator and represented most things ignoble about medieval India?

He was the Aurangzeb of South India. Read the invasion of Mysore in Wiki.

Also worth reading article on his Dewan poorniah daughter case.

Whatever Tippoo may have been, it still is pretty sad that his young children were torn away from their mother/s. (Looking at how tragic this picture is.) I say this for all children, taken from their families for any reason: war, custody dispute, becoming orphans, etc. They've usually done nothing wrong but pay the price of their elders. But really interested in reading more about why Tippoo is being compared to Aurangzeb as in the above comments. One learns something new everyday!

When Tipu Sultan lost the Third Anglo-Mysore War to the allied forces in 1792, a treaty was signed between Tipu and allied forces commander Lord Cornwallis. Following the treaty, Tipu had to cede half of his dominion and pay 3.3 crore sicca rupees in pagodas, or gold mohurs, or its worth in gold or silver bullion. He was forced to hand over two of his sons as hostage till he made the payment. (Source:September 8, 1792 edition of The Mail)

Another painting on the same theme

The above painting posted by Ms. Indu is one by Robert Home, who was invited to follow Cornwallis' camp during the campaign. In here, he placed himself at the left of the canvas, portfolio in hand, to mark himself as one of the witnesses of the treaty. An excellent description of the painting is given below. The blog is worth following for anyone interested in Tipu's times. Many more sketches were made by him during these years, some of which was published under"Select Views in Mysore, the Country of Tippoo Sultan". The whole production could be seen at the following link: