Posted on: 13 January 2014

Digital Rare Book:
The Illustrated History of the British Empire in India and the East - From the earliest times to the suppression of the Sepoy mutiny in 1859
By Edward Henry Nolan
Published by James S.Virtue, London - 1858
In Two Volumes

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Where could one get part 1 please?

Many bindings of Nolan's books. Sometimes as 2 volume sets, as a 3 volume set & also a 6 volume set. Lithographed illustrations are a treat ( some overlap with Henry Beveridge's & also Thorton's Indian Empire history sets). However, do note that the number of illustrations vary significantly from 30 to 48, in different bindings & editions of Nolan's books.

Zac Samuel: Volume 1

Thank you Sir! You have enlightened me much with your links