Posted on: 12 January 2014

Three religious mendicant couples
ca. 1830

Painting, watercolour and gouache on paper from a folio of thirty Company paintings, depicting three religious mendicant couples:

1. A non-Brahmin Vaishnavite couple, followers of the philosopher Ramanuja, founder of Shrivaishnavism; the man carrying a small banner depicting the philosopher; both holding begging bowls.

2. A couple of non-Brahmin priest caste.

3. A non-Brahmin mendicant priest and woman; the man blowing a conch-shell and holding a begging bowl, the woman carrying a skin bag and holding a peacock-feather fan; between them, a lamp burning on a stand.

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Wonderful! Thank you so much for posting these! I love your page!

Left: A vaishnav devotee ,with 'U' caste mark on forehead.............. Middle: Shivaite couple with 'Tripundara'(3 horizontal lines) mark. .................Right:Brahmin 'priest' in 'Peetambar'(yellow dress) with red dot on 'U' sandal mark. Blowing 'Sankh' & beating metal 'cymbal with left hand and "kamandal" hanging in arm. Female companion holding peacock-feathers and 'deer' skin bag on shoulder A lighted lamp on stand

very good research work..

two women with blouse and one without. interesting.