Posted on: 10 January 2014

A Muslim man having his head shaved by a barber in a red turban. They are both seated on a mat - 1855

William Carpenter (ca.1818-1899) travelled through India from 1850-1857 painting portraits and pictures of rulers and their courts and Indian scenery. He travelled to Calcutta via Bombay and Sri Lanka and then up to Delhi and the Punjab frequently dressing in Indian style during his journeys. He stayed in Kashmir from 1854-55, obviously delighting in the scenery and people. Later visiting Afghanistan and then moving south to Rajasthan. On his return to England he exhibited Indian scenes at the Royal Academy between 1857 and 1866.

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A Barber was in demand in households for other than Shaving hair, manicure, pedicure and important social chore like finding a matching groom/bride, Called, नाउ, नाउवा,- নাপিত - পরমানিক