Posted on: 6 January 2014

Gond musical instrument made of wood, cord (vegetable fibre).

'Wood musical instrument; each arm terminates in a clapper, which is pierced and secured by a vegetable fibre cord. "Chatka". Makes a "clapping noise" when strings are pulled (strings missing).'

19th century
Chhindwara District

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This 1960s young David Attenborough film on "the hill tribes of the Deccan" ( Gond as Hislop explains in the papers you shared, from telugu "kond" or "hill), is worth a watch. It is based on 5 years of field-work done in 1940s (WW2 time) by Austrian anthropologist, Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf & his wife. Covers Chenchus, Reddis, Koyas, Bondos, Gadabas & others. Worth a dekho. ( )