Posted on: 5 January 2014

Digital Rare Book:
Men And Events of My Time in India
By Sir Richard Temple
Published by J. Murray, London - 1882

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Caricature of Sir Richard Temple, 1st Baronet. Caption read "Burra Dick".
Source: Published in Vanity Fair, 15 January 1881, as "Statesmen" Number 350.

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Re: ' Burra Dick ' - not the most flattering caricature that one will come across. ' Spy ' - of course - was the pseudonym of Sir Leslie Ward , who published thousands of similar drawings throughout the late-Victorian/ Edwardian period. His illustrations remain popular to this day - one will often find them tucked away in the dusty corners of antique shops or decorating the walls in a certain type of restaurant or pub in the U.K. (and elsewhere, no doubt).

Is this Sir RC Temple (Richard Carnac Temple)?

Francis Neelam: This is the British colonial administrator and politician NOT the nineteenth century writer on India and Burma. The Wiki link:,_1st_Baronet