Posted on: 22 December 2013

Page from an album of sketches of costumes of South India (opaque watercolour with letterpress). Company School, on European paper watermarked Moreley & Saunders 1842 depicting Rayesr or ROWS. The man wears an elaborately draped dhoti, with a fan of pleats at the front. A shawl covers his chest on which are the yajnopavita and tripundra marks. He wears a turban, on his forehead is a tilaka and he carries a large umbrella. His wife wears a purple sari with red blouse and jewellery: head ornaments, necklaces, bracelets and heavy anklets. Under her left arm she carries a basket and flowers in her left hand.

Company School
1850 (circa)
Malabar Coast

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Beautiful watercolor of 'Shiv bhakt' Maratha Brahmin and women