Posted on: 16 December 2013

Digital Rare Book:
By Mahadev Desai
Published by Navjivan Karyalaya, Ahmedabad - 1937

"I verily believe that when all else about Travancore is forgotten, this one act of the Maharajah - "the Proclamation" will be remembered by future generations with gratitude".
- Gandhiji

"The Proclamation":

" Profoundly convinced of the truth and validity of our religion, believing that it is based on divine guidance and on all-comprehending toleration, knowing that in its practice it has throughout the centuries adapted itself to the need of the changing times, solicitous that none of our Hindu subjects should, by reason of birth, caste or community, be denied the consolation and solace of the Hindu Faith, we have decided and hereby declare, ordain and command that, subject to such rules and conditions as may be laid down and imposed by us for preserving their proper atmosphere and maintaining their rituals and observation, there should henceforth be no restriction placed on any Hindu by birth or religion on entering or worshipping at temples, controlled by us and our Government. "

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Amazingly progressive!

Pious progressive Maharaja of Travancore

No pomp and show, no display of diamonds and rubies. A simple and nice person indeed.

MS Dhoni double